SHREEM's Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The SHREEM's Microsoft Dynamics CRM competency combines our extensive Microsoft Technology experience, and our Team's extensive years of CRM functional knowledge to provide a robust global delivery capability, with trained and experienced resources in our Centers of Excellence in South Africa and India delivery centers globally.

SHREEM has CRM industry experts in Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication, Public Sector, Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities, Life Sciences, Transportation and Logistics.

We are experienced in delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions covering Lead management, campaign, sales, marketing, case management, migrations from other CRM solutions, web based customer self-service, integration with external third party applications including mobility solutions and scheduling software.


  • CRM Strategy & Roadmap
  • CRM Sales
  • SRM Implementation
  • Data Migration
  • CRM Configuration
  • CRM Customization
  • CRM Development & Support

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SHREAM's MS Dynamics CRM Team Capabilities:

SHREEM's CRM Practice

  • Specialized CRM proficient team capacity an resources in leading CRM products, technical capability and solutions
  • Subject matter experts trained, certified and experienced in multiple CRM solutions
  • Includes Solution Architects and Designers, Programme and Project Managers, Business Architects, Analysts and Change Managers across industry domains

CRM Consulting, Integration and Architetcure Capability

  • Deep and wide CRM operational and strategic consulting capabilities
  • CRM technical specialists and process improvement experts
  • Multi-channel CRM and end-to-end process expertise

End-to-end CRM Implementation Experience

  • Full life cycle delivery
  • Dedicated CRM specialist governance
  • Strong integration experience on custom developed systems

Industry Solutions Specialists

  • Industries/Verticals and Business Departments include Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication, Public Sector, Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities, Life Sciences, Transportation and Logistics
  • Specialists include CRM Technology domain leaders, Enterprise Application Integration specialists, Data Architects and BI / Analytics experts

SHREEM's MS Dynamics CRMTechnology Offering:

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SHREEM's MS Dynamics CRM Capabilities

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MS Dynamics CRM Sales Capability

Streamline and automate your sales processes and enable sales people to create a single view of the customer to help ensure a shorter sales cycle, higher close rates, and improved customer retention. Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software gives sales professionals fast access to useful data online or offline so they can work efficiently and spend more time selling

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MS Dynamics CRM Marketing Capability

Provide marketing professionals with robust data cleansing and segmentation tools, leading campaign management features, and insightful marketing analytics to increase the effectiveness of marketing programs, improve efficiencies, and better track key metrics. Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software provides a holistic, comprehensive set of marketing capabilities so you can target your customers effectively.


MS Dynamics CRM Customer Service Capability

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a comprehensive customer service solution that is familiar to users, completely customizable to your business processes, and can scale to meet enterprise demands. Transform your customer service into a strategic asset with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With a 360-degree view of the customer, your agents can resolve issues quickly and reduce handling times. By automating processes, you can also reduce costs and help to ensure consistent service is delivered across all touch points.

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SHREEM's Framework for MS Dynamics CRM Strategy:


  • Information Management
    • Collect customer information from all channels
    • Integrate it with other relevant information
    • Make useful information available to the frontline
    • Create and manage data repository, IT systems, analytical tools, specific application packages
  • Strategy Development
    • Assessment of business strategy
    • Business strategy guides development of customer strategy
  • Value Creation Process
    • Translates business and customer strategies into specific value propositions for both customers and firm
      • Customers benefit from priority, tiered services, loyalty rewards, and customization
      • Company benefits from reduced customer acquisition and retention costs, and increased share-of-wallet
    • Dual creation of value: Customers need to participate in CRM to reap value from firm's CRM initiatives
  • Multi – Channel Integration Process
    • Serve customers well across many potential interfaces
    • Offer a unified interface that delivers customization and personalization
  • Performance Assessment
    • Is CRM system creating value for key stakeholders?
    • Are marketing and service standard objectives being achieved?
    • Is CRM system meeting performance standards?

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