SHREEM's Risk Management Services

SHREEM Global has expereined stewards who have assisted their global customers on Risk management services across the board.

Sout African business market changing rapidly with more risk than ever,At the same time, regulatory compliance costs continue to rise rapidly even as the need for capital optimization and preservation grows. Balancing it all requires an Proper Strctured SHREEM's RISK's integrated approach. SHREEM's Risk Management Specialist team members has the experience in Candian and indian financial instiutes, regulations to structure cost-efficient, risk-mitigating solutions within the defined templates, and across geographies.

SHREEM leverage standardized data, templates, relevant metrics, and extrapolative risk models to provide deeper insight, and more complete Business Consuelling solutions to their top notch customers. Our 20-plus staff of Risk professionals—many with certifications such as CIA, CISA, CFE, CPA, and CFA—seamlessly provides end to end RISK's Services:

  • Process Redesign
  • Process Analysis
  • Derviatives
  • Cost Analysis
  • Advice on the best solutions

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SHREEM can assist our RISK customers as per the below defined Services:

SHREEM's RPS Model(RISK Professional Services): We shall supply risk consultants who are profcient on Eneterprise Risk Managment(ERM):
  • Operational Risk Managment(ORM)
  • Credit Risk Management(CRM)
  • Market Risk Management (MRM)
  • Regulartory and compliance (King-III)

Our Approach and Frameworks

SHREEM leverages professional team expertize knwoledge across the group and combines their process expertize, information technology and analytical capabilities with insight gained from resources industry/verticals experience for global shore deliveries. We can assist our south african and sub saharan african customer and provide end-to-end operational risk services and enabling clients to enhance their enterprise wide risk management capabilities and services.

Operational Risk Framework

SHREEM takes a structured approach to operational risk management that starts by reviewing the existing risk management framework. Using Risk Maps, Risk Heat-Maps and control self-assessment, we identify key processes and their inherent weaknesses.

This allows us to provide qualitative analysis, identify causes of loss and missing controls, and develop metrics and dashboards for use in forecasting and preventing risk. Through this process we can critically evaluate existing Risk Control Self Assessments (RCSA) already established and recommend and implement improvements. Operational Risk Models are back-tested to determine predictive quality and stress-tested to provide a clearer picture of potential exposures and to verify compliance with industry and regulatory requirements.

Market Risk Management

SHREEM's Market Risks focus on end-to-end solutions implementation and roll out, we can provide all required Market Risk Management elements including services such as VaR Assessment, Scenario Analysis, Potential Future Exposure and Trading Support, Model Back Testing, Stress Testing, Correlation Analysis and Volatility Correction. Moreover, our component-packaged services provide best-in-class quality at a lower cost.

We start by defining key risks and identifying performance benchmarks through VaR and capital-at-risk assessments. This enables us to pinpoint relevant controls and assess effectiveness against established benchmarks. By selecting the correct data for complete risk assessments we easily meet regulatory requirements for capital adequacy, solvency and liquidity, as well as for Basel II and Solvency II standards. And models are back-tested and stress-tested to ensure compliance and reduce regulatory costs.

Credit Risk Management

SHREEM provides integrated Credit Risk solutions that seamlessly blend advisory, process redesign and analytical skills with enterprise-wide risk management capabilities to reduce the costs of regulatory reporting and compliance. Our structured approach includes Risk Prioritization, Risk Modeling, Credit Scoring, Portfolio Reviews, Capital Impact Assessments, Back Testing and Stress Testing